• In the first stanza of our marriage vows was the poetic phrase: Space Between We. "I am certain that God is at work in you, in me and in the space between we"

    Join us as we navigate this new work of beating cancer.

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Five Years Since my Cancer Diagnosis: Chemo and Surgery

December 29, 2015  Five years ago today, I received the call that I had breast cancer. Five years later, I am here. Alive. Toasting to the next five years. Looking back, 2011 was clearly the most difficult year with the majority of the treatment covering the entire calendar year. And 2012-2015 has involved regaining health, making … Continue reading

Chemotherapy Killed my Empathy

Since my battle with cancer in 2011, I have noticed that the expression of my theme of strength called Empathy has radically shifted. As a strengths based professional, I have written a blog about the change in that strength. Read more about that here.   

Three Years Since My Cancer Diagnosis

Three years lived since the phone call that pivoted our story. On this third anniversary of my breast cancer diagnosis, I woke at 5am to the white lights of our Christmas tree. I cannot sleep. I cannot go back to sleep. The wind is rattling our windows. It’s 40 degrees colder than when we came … Continue reading

A Song For Linda

I made a promise to you On a sun filled morning sky A promise to be your husband A promise from you as my wife A promise was made In our words and our love We knew then As we know now That our promise is strong And we know we will grow Even more … Continue reading

Boots Made for Walking

Two years ago yesterday morning I donned my big puffy Helly Hansen boots and took Camila to swim practice. While I was there watching the swimmers gracefully stream through the water. I heeded the adamant concern from my husband to see a doctor. I called the Breast Heath Center at Regions Hospital. I’m not sure … Continue reading